Monday, June 22, 2009


i woke up this morning and it was cold. its supposed to be summer.. why is it so cold? ahhhhhhhh i hate alaska sometimes.

giveaway updates
so i have checked my email, c-box, and comments and im positive i havent missed anyones entry for my giveaway. if you have posted an entry and your name is not on the list, then please let me know right away.

the giveaway deadline has been changed to June 30, 2009.
i know its just a few days shorter, but whatever. i was going to end it this friday, but i still havent received my flat rate shipping boxes, so imma give everyone a little more time to get their entries in. USPS is taking forever to get my boxes to me :(

tonight im gonna go pick up some things for the giveaway and then im done. i will post the 3 prizes by the end of this week and i hope they'll make everyone happy :)

my weekend update

i had a little bbq with my bffs on saturday. haha we have like 5 pounds of beef short ribs, 5 punds of chicken wings and 5 pounds of pork ribs for like 4 adults and 2 toddlers. seriously we made waaay too much food, but it was sooo good. i love bbqs

but i guess being outside all day was bad for my boyfriend. we woke up sunday morning and his face was all fucked up. both eyes were swollen shut and his cheeks were soooooooo swollen. he seriously looks like he got attacked by bees. so we drugged him up with benadryl and we basically slept all day. it was nice, but my back is like super sore now. lol and his face has gotten better since yesterday morning, but its still pretty bad. hes so ugly, OMG. haha its really sad, but totally hilarious. i've been teasing him non-stop. im mean, i know :)

i've been so busy with work lately, i know i've been MIA from my blog. i need to do a FOTD, or something to entertain you guys. i will be working on that tonight.

i hope everyone has a great week :)


KRYSTAL said...

lmao. ur so funny ketmany! teasing ur bf.. haha! but anyways, i LOVE bbq food too, so freakin yummyyyy =D & looks like you guys bbqed ALOT!

sokpoprocks said...

omg ur poor bf!, i get like that if i dont remember to use enough sunscreen and take my benadryl too, LOL, i burn im less than 2 minutes on an 80 degree day, it sucks so much, and no one else im my family gets sunburned, or has allergies, UNFAIR!!!

and mmm that bbq sounds awesome

i was wondering if you'd do some scenery post of alaska, i guess i think its all snow all the time, but aparently thats not the case!, and is it true you get 30 days of night?

Pop Champagne said...

haha his poor face! I hope the swelling has died down a bit! Yah I'm not a big fan of outdoors either :P

xoladiihoneyxo said...

mmMmm. yummyyyyy bbq's!!!! =]

you're so mean, Nee! lol. teasing your boo like that. lol. but that's okay.... I would of done the same thing if it was my hunnie. hahaha!

verina oei said...

haha seriously when i read those 5 pounds 5 pounds 5 pounds i tot it was for 15

Anonymous said...

whoa, i guess i'd better get a move on things and post that entry...

mszcheysser said...

OMG~ That's alot of BBQ! But it's good, that you guys were able to enjoy the food :) Lol.

Awwww at your poor boyfriend! I wonder what caused it.

Anonymous said...

i know what you mean! its been cold and cloudy for weeks where i live..i hate the weather here

Edna said...

hehe, I would do the same thing to my BF if he looked like that. I hope your bf is feeling/looking better now!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Oh my to your BF's face! =/ It sounds like a crazy allergies!

But I can't wait to see what the 3 prizes are :D