Friday, June 26, 2009


i need a mini stress reliever from work. i saw this on another blog and thought it would be fun :)

1. Things you cannot leave the house without:
  • my purse, because my entire life is in there.
  • keys.. its so obvious why lol
  • soft lips or any chapstick
  • my cell phone
2. Favourite brand of Make Up:
haha anyone who read my blog would know the answer to this one. i love love love Chanel. MAC is always a favorite for shadows though, Chanel has wonderful shadows but they dont offer a wide selection of colors.

3. Favourite flower:
i love lilies. like the big white easter lilies.

4. Favourite clothing store:
im a sucker for abercrombie. i dont shop there as much, but any time i walk into the store its hard to leave with a bag in my hand. i was obsessed with them in high school. their clothes fit soo well! nordstroms is always a good place to pick up my favorites like true religion, sevens, juicy couture. & i really love outlets. the off 5th saks 5th avenue outlet is one of my favorites! bebe & the bebe outlet are on the top of my lists too. and of course forever21, you cant beat their prices.

5. Favourite perfume:
muhaha i think Rai is totally disgusted that i dont wear perfume. i really havent found one that i like enough to wear all day. i mean they smell nice and whatever, but i have a really sensitive nose to that kind of stuff. i gag whenever someone walks by me if theyre perfume is too sweet or too strong.

when i used to work at victoria secrets and they would put me in the beauty department i would literally have to fight myself to not vomit or faint. all those really strong scents just give me a headache and make my tummy turn.

6. Heels or Flats:
Heels! if i had to choose between the two, but i do live my entire summer in flats or sandals

7. Do you make good grades:
of course im asian! haha i used to always get shit like that in school. "you're asian you have to be smart" but i do always get good grades.

8. Favourite colours:
it really depends on my mood. i go through phases. last year was a purple phase. this year has been a black phase. everything i've bought has been black. lol

9. Do you drink energy drinks:
no. not on a regular occasion, they're often too tart for my taste. but red bull & Yager is the shiiiitttt

10. Do you drink juice:
haha if the apple juice is like ice cold then yes! i try to drink as much juice as i can. i looove snapple. seriously the best stuff on earth.

11. Do you like swimming:
muhaha if i knew how im sure i would love it. but since i dont i cant say. i do like being near the pool though

12. Do you eat fries with a fork:
no. im really not that proper. haha im so unmannered. i love to eat fries with ketchup and ranch. and i often lick my fingers when i eat fries, gross? maybe to you, but its so delicious. haha ommg & i love seasoned fries, not regular ones. dennys fries are the shiiiiiiit

13. Favourite moisturiser:
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, Keihls, Chanel. i have a very long list. but these are my top 3

14. Do you want to get married later on in life:
i think its nice to wait to get married, you know to be sure hes the "one". but when i was younger i knew i would be married young.. like 18 - 21. haha and im almost 21 and still not "officially" married. i wouldnt mind getting married now, like i know its good to wait for you both to finish school and get careers, but my love wont change whether i have a degree and a corner office ya know. im the type of person who would get married on a weekend in vegas just cause it felt right. im a hopeless romantic and i would do anything for love, waiting to me is just irrelevant. lol

15. Do you get mad easily:
haha yes im a complete bitch. im super irratiable, im not like rude yell in your face out in public type, but i am the ohhh you just wait till i get you alone imma rip you a new one type. lol i rarely get mad at strangers regardless of what they do, i really can keep my composure. i can take everything with a smile and totally not give a shit 5 minutes later. yeah im that crazy lol. i dont stay mad long though, but once you are on my bad side its IMPOSSIBLE to get in good. i will cut you outta my life forever, seriously.

16. Are you into ghost hunting:
omg i was just thinking about this last night. like what if i was a ghost hunter.. i can start a ghost hunting/make up service. you know like i can go to your house looking for ghosts and give you tips on how to conture your cheek bones.

haha wtf kind of question is this!?

17. Any phobias -
i have this serious fear of being alone. haha it sounds silly but its so true. like when i used to sleep alone i would have to have someone on the phone with me or i wouldnt sleep at all. i used to never eat alone, i would rather starve than have to sit there by myself. i would never go to the grocery store alone, i used to drag my brother friends with me everywhere. i mean its not a whole thing with me not being independent, im very independent. but its a total physical thing. i just refuse to go anywhere or do anything alone, it freaks me out.

ommmmmmg and i have a fear of heights. i hate hate hate roller coaster rides, or anything associated with amusement parks. those things freak the shit out of me! and everyone i know loves them. they hella force me on atleast 1 ride every time we go to six flags and afterwards im like hyper ventilating, i cant stand, i feel all sick. it seriously scares the shit outta me.

18. Do you bite your nails:
no. lol thats gross. i like to tap my teeth with my nails though, its weird. people always think im biting my nails, but im really not.

19. Have you ever had a near death experience:
plently. i've nearly drowned 3 times. when i was like 5 i went under and didnt come back up. my dad had to go into the water to get me and i was passed out for a pretty long time. my mom swore i died, lol.

and i dont know if its a near death experience but my whole cervical cancer ordeal was really life changing for me. i was told in october that i had cervical cancer and it seriously killed me. i thought i would never be able to have kids and i really didnt know what to do, but when all my tests came back normal 6 months later i was seriously relieved.

20. Do you drink coffee -
no, i dont like to drink coffee. but i love coffee flavored everything! coffee ice cream, coffee hard candies.. i like the smell of coffee, but i do like iced coffee.

& dont forget the giveaway ends on Monday, June 30, 2009!
if you entered please make sure your name is on the list! if its not let me know before i draw the winners :)


xoladiihoneyxo said...

interesting. I guess I'll do it too, when I get home though. haha. I had no idea you wanted to get married so early until now. lol. and.... I'm glad I'm not the only one that doesn't know how to swim! hahaha.

KRYSTAL said...

lmao @ number 7!

7. Do you make good grades:
of course im asian!


prettii-uglii said...

Hey Ketmany! I seriously LOLed on #16 and 18. i know like what kind of question is that? ahahah
and yeah if you ever wanna come down to Toronto definitely holler at me!!! I'd love to have lunch with u and maybe we could go shopping too? haha
Hope you're having a good weekend! xo

Edna said...

I think you like the color pink too :)

Which Keihls Moisturizer do you like/recommend?

OMG, swimming pools are scary! I almost drown once too! It was Summer of going to 4th grade and I was (stupidly) walking towards the deep end until I was underwater trying to get out. Luckily my teacher pulled me out and since then I've been scared of water/pools. I dare not go deeper than 5 feet and I never learned how to swim. Ever summer I tell myself I will learn, but I chicken out :(

I'm glad you don't have cervical cancer. Your babies will be so cute and pretty !!

mitch said...

ghost hunting/make up service? wow! Maybe you should go to our house ^_^ LOL!