Friday, June 05, 2009


so i dont know if anyone actually celebrates Nation Donut Day, hopefully yall went out and got some free donuts! i celebrated in all kinds of yummy goodness :) i didnt get them for free, but whatever im satisfied. HAPPY FRIDAY YALL

this week had definitely been exciting. my boyfriend is finally getting his car, no more sharing and im so excited! we just signed all the paper work yesterday and he will have his car by tuesday. he is seriously all giddy about it like a little girl. its so cute. i need to upload the pictures we took at the dealership.

i also went to work out last night, my first work out in two years! it was killing me, im so out of shape. but i really need to get my beach body back before we go on vacation. & now i have a buncha people to work out with, so i need to develope a work out plan! i do plan on going to the gym atleast once every other day or 3 times a week. haha does anyone have any tips on working out your tummy. im developing a pooch, and that is definitely not cute in a bikini.

while i havent been buying any makeup or beauty related products i did have a MASSIVE hual at home depot. haha yes, home depot. Fathers day is June 21st (16 more days) and i had to get my daddy a present. i ended up buying him a carpet shampooer, and he loves it. so what are you getting your fathers?

here are my plans for the weekend:
- watch " THE HANGOVER " tonight
- Bar Mitzvah on Saturday
- Summer Bridal Fair on Saturday
& i have lotsa cleaning to do this weekend.


Diana said...

the hang over was awesome! i hope you enjoy it!

Rai said...

Mmmm donuts!

I haven't purchased any makeup so far! Woo! So I'm doing good but I did buy some other stuff. lol

And I never celebrate Father's Day.

becky said...

National Donut Day? Wow where have i been lol.

ugh I need to workout too. Ive been saying that for the past 3 weeks :/

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Omg, the idea of YOU dieting makes me feel so FAT! >_< Your so skinny, and gah, now I feel like I REALLY NEED TO start working out and dieting

But congrats to the new car! :)